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flingr is truly anonymous.
When you add a contact you need to type in their email address.
You assign them an alias which is the only reference to them on your phone.
Your phone contains no link between the alias and the contact's email address.
Alias's can be changed by you at any time.

flingr is secure.
flingr does not allow screen caps of images.
Chats do not contain any identifying labels on the screen.

flingr uses a 'tennis' model for your chats.
When you send a chat message to a friend the message is encrypted with an encryption key.
This encryption key is negotiated by the two users independently of the flingr service so there is no way that flingr can decrypt the message (or image).
Once sent the message is deleted totally, forever from your phone.

The encrypted message is shipped to our servers where it awaits collection by the recipient.
If it is not collected within your defined time limit it is deleted from our servers totally, forever.
Once collected the recipient needs to verify it is them with either their fingerprint or pin.
If they choose to reply, the chat and their reply is encrypted using a new encryption key, an expiry time limit is set, and the message is sent back to our servers for the process to repeat.
At any given time there is only ONE copy of the chat. Once flingr is exited without a reply being sent, this copy is deleted, totally, forever.
To look at an image you have sent someone they must validate it is them with their fingerprint or pin.
To look at an image the recipient presses and holds down the flingr logo to show the image.
Once they remove their finger the image is deleted totally, forever.
flingr does not keep any record of your comment history, your images, or your metadata.

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So, without getting too technical, when you send an image to a recipient a unique encryption key is negotiated by you both.
This key negotiation occurs without any third party involvement.
When you take an image it is encoded with it's encrypted version and is sent to our server.
At no point do we have your encryption key or any ability to retrieve it or decode your file.
Once the recipient retrieves the image the encrypted version is deleted from our server, totally, forever.
When the recipient views the image it will be visible to them only while they keep their finger on their flingr logo.
If they remove their finger the image fades and is then totally deleted from their device, forever.

On Android phones they cannot screen cap the image.

The only information flingr keeps about you is your email address. This is also encrypted and can only be accessed and decoded by our software.

We want flingr to be your first choice for secure image sharing. Share it, talk about it, help us help you be secure.